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Quickly scan and remove all the junk files taking up valuable disk space, safety uninstall app and its leftover files. This all in one app will make your Mac run faster!

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RAR Extractor

Handle and unarchive many archive formats, such as RAR, 7z, Winmail.dat, CAB, Zip, Lzma, Tar, Bzip2, and many other old formats.

$19.99  $4.99

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Elimisoft App Uninstaller

Intelligently locates ALL leftover files (caches, logs, preferences, crash reports) of App and cleans your Mac, Free up that valuable disk space. 

$39.99  $19.99

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Elimisoft Duplicate Finder

Scan duplicate files anywhere. Whether scanning single or multiple folders on internal and external hard drives, but also duplicates in Photos or iTunes.

$39.99  $19.99

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PDF Creator

Create PDF file from many kinds of documents, it help users to convert word, html, image, Epub, powerpoint, text ,etc to PDF files, also allows to set the attributes of PDF.

$39.99  $19.99

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Free Apps

Elimisoft RAR Extractor

Effective app designed to decompress archives, like RAR, Zip, 7z, Tar, Tgz, Cbz, Lzh, Lzma, Bzip, iso, HFS, VHD, etc. Supports over 50 kinds of archive files, as well as extract encrypted archives entirely.

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Templates for MS Office

Elimisoft Templates for MS Office offers you access to various project templates that can be used in the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint utilities, double click to open the templates according to your requirements. 

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Free Memory

Monitor, optimize, and diagnose memory usage and disk space usage, also scan system junks on your Mac. 

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Elimisoft MacClean

Elimisoft MacClean offers an efficient way to enhance the performance of your Mac, lets you get rid of unnecessary junk files, keep your system more stable, as well as free memory. 

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