How to delete browsing histories, cookies and plugins on Mac?

If you need to remove the Safari plugin, remove the Chrome extension or clean up the Firefox cookie on your Mac, you are in the right place. Don’t worry if you need an effective way to optimize the performance of your Mac web browser. Professional Mac cleanup software will actually remove pop-up ads, inline text and other unwanted plugins or extensions for you. How to get such cleaning software or tools?

Free download Mac cleanup app to auto-remove browsing histories, cookies and plugins on Mac

If you search online, we recommend using a lightweight Mac cleaning app. It takes time to choose and test which tool is best for you.
If you need a free and reliable app to clean and remove plugins, cookies and browsing history installed on your Mac browser, we recommend iMaccleaner – a powerful Mac cleaning app is your best choice.

Free Download

This app allows you to effectively remove Mac browser plugins, extensions and cookies under Mac OS X. Whether you’re using the latest macOS Mojave or an older version of Mac OS X, such as 10.9 or later, just download it for free and let it now help you remove the unwanted Safari, Chrome or Firefox add-ons on your Mac

Just 2 steps to delete Mac Safari, Chrome or Firefox plugins, histories and cookies

First Steps: Select “System Junk“, Click “Scan“, then select “Browser Junk Files“, at last, click “Delete

Second Steps: Select “Extensions“, Click “Scan“, then select “Internet Plug-ins“, at last, click “Delete