What is MacKeeper popup?

The MacKeeper popup window remains in your browser as a plug-in, consuming a lot of system resources and reducing system performance. In most cases, the MacKeeper popup inform users that there are viruses lurking in free Applications, and pornographic sites. In fact, MacKeeper popup is a malware itself.

How to remove MacKeeper popups?

  • Click the Safari menu, and select “Preferences”.
  • Safari-Mac-Os-X-PreferencesClick the “Extensions” tab, find the “Mackeeper” plugin, then click “uninstall” to complete


Based on the above, we can remove the Mackeeper popup plugin in Safari, but we can not delete it in other browsers, such as Chrome, and we also can not completely delete Mackeeper on your Mac. To to this, we recommend using the Elimisoft App Uninstaller or iMacCleaner with one-click to uninstall.

How to remove Mackeeper with Elimisoft App Uninstaller?

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  • Enter “Mackeeper” in the search field to find all plugin or Apps related with “Mackeeper“,  select them, then click “Uninstall