You many often receive emails from office outlooks, which may contain attachments, such as winmail.dat files. When you try to open winmail.dat files on your Mac, you will find that it is often impossible to open or to be scramble, because winmail.dat files are not supported on Mac. How to open winmail.dat files on your Mac? we will show you several ways to open winmail.dat files, and also explain what is winmail.dat files.

What is winmail.dat files?

Winmail.dat files are generated by Microsoft Outlook. Mac users usually find that these files are sent from Window. Winmail.dat files can be one of the following tow files: rich text format of email, or an actual email attachment text. These often are wrongly identifyed as winmail.dat files, but, it is actually a word document, Excel spreadsheet, RTF file, or other legal file format.

2 Ways to open winmail.dat files on you Mac

Method 1: Forward the Email with Winmail.dat files to Gmail

The Gmail Web-based email client has no problem processing winmail.dat files, and almost interprets winmail.dat files as rich text or exact file attachment. You need to forward the mail including winmail.dat attachments to Gmail, then open Gmail Web client to view and open the winmail.dat files.

Method 2: Use iMacCleaner to Extract Winmail.dat files on your Mac

You many alway encounters many emails sent from windows users with winmail.dat attachment files. An efficient approach is to use iMacCleaner to Open and View Winmail.dat files. This maybe the best way to extract winmail.dat files, if you receive emails from Windows including winmail.dat files. Just Two steps to open winmail.dat files with iMacCleaner.

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  • step1: Download and install iMacCleaner

  • step2: Select winmail.dat model, then Drag & Drop winmail.dat files to open directly.