Cleanmymac allows you to erase various junk files on your MacOS: cache, Preferences, and other support data for your application. This is a popular MacOS uninstaller, but for a variety of reasons you may need to remove CleanMyMac from your MacOS system. Recently, we found several related issues on the Stackexchange platform:  “Cleanmymac left folder operation after uninstallation “, “Uninstall Cleanmymac still show notifications “. In this blog, we will teach you how to delete CleanMyMac completely with manual Way.

Delete CleanMyMac with Manual Way

  • Quit CleanMyMac, then  open “Activity Monitor”,   close all processes of CleanMyMac using “Activity Monitor”.
  • Open “Applications Folder”—> Find “CleanMyMac”—>Right click your Mouse—>Select “Move to Trash”.
  • Go to the following folders, and delete all files related to “CleanMyMac”.



                      ~/Library/Application Support/

  • Empty the Trash

Delete “CleanMyMac” with permanent uninstaller “Elimisoft App Uninstaller”

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Batch uninstall all rogue Apps, Incl. Advanced Mac Cleaner, CleanMyMac, MacFly Pro and Mackeeper, etc.

  • Open “Elimisoft App Uninstaller
  • Click Quick Scan to find all Apps on your Mac
  • Select “CleanMyMac” in the result lists of “Elimisoft App Uninstaller”, Click “Delete” to permanent uninstall “CleanMyMac”.