Should I trust Advanced Mac Cleaner?

how to uninstall advanced mac cleaner clearly

Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus has been discussed in various internet forums. It seems that many users are trying to figure out whether the program is trustworthy. This App from PCVARK looks like a PUP, it absolutely does not seem trustworthy. In addition, there are many complaints from users on the internet, and they think Advanced Mac Cleaner is a fraud and is forgery App that can not be easily uninstalled.

It seems that Advanced Mac Cleaner can cleanup disk, uninstall garbage Apps and help users manage files to avoid overlapping and confusion. Of course, but these are all false appearance to deceive you to buy the full version of Advanced Mac Cleaner. We found that this marketing behavior is very dishonest, we will not recommend such products for you.

How do I delete Advanced Mac Cleaner form Mac OSX?

If your Mac has been attacked by the so-called Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus, you can manually delete it as follows:

  • Step1.   Delete Advanced Mac Cleaner from applications folder
  • Step2.   Delete ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.pcv.hlpramc.plist
  • Step3.   /Library/Application Support/amc
  • Step4.   ~/Library/AdvancedMacCleaner

We highly recommend that you delete it automatically from the macOS and you may want to use the anti-malware we recommended. With the following software: iMac Cleaner

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you can automatically remove the advanced Mac cleaner. We recommend using these application because it can easily remove hidden garbage programs and viruses, as well as all associated files and registry entries.