As we know, most Mac users may experience problems when trying to uninstall antivirus Avast, Mackeeper, Advanced Mac Cleaner, Norton, and more. Typically, even after you have uninstalled these antivirus, their leftover files remain stayed on your Mac. In this article, we will show you how to properly remove these antivirus programs and their leftover files.

The first thing you must remember is never to remove an antivirus from the “Applications” folder in the window. It may cause you to be unable to completely uninstall such programs.

How to completely such antivirus manually?

  • Step1: Delete such antivirus from “Applications” folder
  • Step2: Go to “~/Library/LaunchAgents” folder, and find all files related with such antivirus, delete them.
  • Step2: Go to “/Library/Application Support”, the operation steps are the same as “Step1”
  • Step3: Go to “~/Library/”, and delete all the files related with such antivirus.

Although the manual method can uninstall such antiviruses, but the operation is more complex, and easy not to completely leftover files. How to completely uninstall such antivirus quickly and accurately?

We recommend using some professional cleaning and uninstalling software to cleanup, such CleanMyMac, iMac Cleaner. But CleanMyMac always scan your Mac in the background, taking up a lot of memory, and does not provide an intelligent uninstalling. Base on experience, it is highly recommended that iMac Cleaner. It can quickly scan all third-party softwares on your Mac and completely uninstall any program that you want to delete. How do i use it? Here, taking uninstalling Mackeeper as an example.

How to completely uninstall Mackeeper from your Mac?

  • Step1: Download “iMac Cleaner” and install it on your Mac
  • Step2: Select “App Removal” on the left menu, and click “Quick Scan

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  • Step3: Enter “Mackeeper” in the search field to find all related files with “Mackeeper”, select all of them, then click “Delete” to completely delete.

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