Duplicate Finder for Mac

Quick and Efficient Duplicates Removal Software (macOS Mojave Ready!)

Great App for Find Duplicates on Your Mac, and Allow Your Removing Them to Free More Disk Space in One-Click, Make Your Mac Run Faster!

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Remove Duplicate Junks With Elimisoft Duplicate Finder

In the daily use process, many duplicate junk files could be produced so that your Mac run more and more slowly. Elimisoft Duplicate Finder can help you quickly and efficiently find all duplicates on your Mac, allow you deleting them to free more disk space in one-click, make your Mac run faster!

Scan Any Files at Anywhere

  • Accurate and quick detection of duplicate files using MD5 value checksum algorithm.
  • Scan duplicates anywhere, whether they are one or more folders of internal and external hard drives, also supporting scanning duplicates in Photos or iTunes.

Check Duplicates Smartly

  • Display duplicate files in list or detail preview view.
  • Intelligently select duplicate files automatically, and you can choose to remove the newest or oldest files.
  • Check the duplicate files with different categories, sort the duplicates by size, name, count, and type and search file by keywords.

One Click to Remove Duplicates

  • Auto-select the duplicates and remove them by one click.
  • Display the total size and number of files will be removed in real time according to the duplicates you select.
  • Batch remove duplicates to Trash, while allowing your to recover deleted files from the Trash when files were deleted incorrectly.